Blessed At The Beach

Cute Portie On San Fran Beach

“Do you have the time, sir?”

His face wore fatigue. His eyes projected weariness. But he had energy for pleasantry.

I read him the time from my phone, then jokingly offered “…but I’m no Sir.”

He had no energy for humor. Nothing more was said, from what I remember.

Porter and I continued back to the Tour Bus in the parking lot. We got inside and I went about cleaning and feeding Porter. Earlier, while we were running up and down the beach, I had noticed that gentleman sleeping there; and it was clearly not his first night spent in that location.

Thoughts came and went. The contrast between our two lives struck me.

Porter and I ran back and found him in his sleeping bag on the beach.

He watched us approach him. I handed him a poop bag.

“Buy yourself something to eat, and there’s something to puff in there too.”

Before looking inside the blue bag, he looked at me with emotion and offered God’s Blessing; which I never refuse.

At that time, in that circumstance, I had felt strained in money and hope. Even wondered if I had given him too much.

A day or two later, money started flowing again.

Should have given more.

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