We could have gone back. Perhaps we should have? But we continued forward. Was it forward? Geographically it was sideways, and far more cold.

We had left Utah and the promise of sun, for the flat future of Ontario. Only, a bad snowstorm shut us down in Vail Colorado. Found a City Park to rest at, hoping to wait out the storm, and with lights on the trees it felt like Christmas. Except it was late March.

After broken sleep in Vail, spread legally between parking lots, we snuck through the Vail Pass during a near blizzard.

Upon reaching the warmth and safety of Denver, and flat lands of the future, we felt the yearning to immediately drive right back West. That whatever happened, our future was not in going to Ontario, but in driving West again.

And we will.  Porter’s fame will be found out West.

The pictures have nearly stopped since the ones taken below, at a Rest Area in Nebraska:

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