Rachel Green from Friends: “But today, it’s like there’s rock bottom, then fifty feet of crap, then me.” So, let’s dig through some of the crap for something no one has seen yet:


8 thoughts on “Monday?”

      1. I’m going to drive. I live in Indiana so it’ll be quite the trek. So yes- Indiana to Washington (for 6ish weeks) to BC. I am actually not well traveled so this will be all new! Any recommendations are appreciated


      2. If you’re sleeping in your vehicle(?), are looking for nature, enjoy hiking or biking or even climbing, I have many recommendations! It depends which way you’re planning on driving. But to start, Utah could easily take up 6 weeks(Delicate Arch is a must-see), and Sedona Arizona is unreal.

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      3. I like to find maps of the BLM lands available in the States I visit, saves a lot of money and gets you out at nice camping spots. You’re going in the summer so Glacier National Park in Montana, and Colorado’s RMNP would be great to see. In Oregon, Smith Rock is awesome. Going back to Utah, Delicate Arch is a must see. This is all over the place, sorry. Regarding BC, If you go to Vancouver you should visit Squamish and Whistler; both are outdoor sports meccas. And hike the Chief in Squamish! Maybe I should make a proper post for my reccomendations and save you time reading comments

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